"The 1st Annual Podbody Film & TV Podcasting Awards" nominations are here! The Podbodys are a new award ceremony strictly focused on film and tv podcasts with an emphasis on big personalities. The inaugural awards will include a lifetime achievement award to the legendary horror show host BillChete  and other cool categories like "Best Podcast Guest",  "Best Podcasting Duo"  and "Best Podcast Episode". Those categories are all voted on by the Podbody board, a prestigious group of 11 select anonymous podcast fans (including myself, the head of the board and the only non-anonymous one). Only one category is voted on by the general public/listeners and that is the best podcast category, which is of course a big one. Voting for that category will open June 29th and close July 20th. More info on that later. Anyway now on to the nominations!

Lifetime Achievement Award:


Best Podcast Hosts (Group)

Jason, Josh, Andy, Karl - Movie Podcast Weekly

Jay, Sean, Frank - FilmJunk

Ricardo, Jenny, Adam - The Film Podcast 

Andrew, Kurt, Matt - The Row Three Cinecast 

Jay of the Dead, Wolfman Josh, Dr. Shock - Horror Movie Podcast 

Adam, Kevin, Ryan - Filmpulse Presents: Ryan Watches a Movie

Best Podcasting Duo

William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold - The B Movies Podcast

Tyler Smith and David Bax - Battleship Pretension 

Dave White and Alonso Duralde - Linoleum Knife 

Paul Goebel and David Bax - Hey Watch This!

Joe DiCanio and Tom Normandy - The House of Horror Podcast 

Jim Laczkowski and Patrick Ripoll - Directors' Club

Adam Patterson and Kevin Rakestraw - Filmpulse Podcast 

Best Podcast Guest

Reed Farrington - FilmJunk

"Wild Man " Willis Wheeler - Movie Podcast Weekly

OneSickPuppy - Horror Movie Podcast 

Alonso Duralde - The B Movies Podcast

Pat Healy - Battleship Pretension

Ryan Turek - The B Movies Podcast

Andrew James - Directors Club

Josh Fadem - Battleship Pretension

Best Podcast Episode

"The Bell Episode" - The B Movies Podcast

"Nanobot Jesus" - The Row Three Cinecast

"Best of 2013 Part 1" - Directors Club

"Ghosts of Mars + Giallo" - Double Feature

"Season 3, Episode 2: Black Mirror/Bonnie & Clyde" - Hey, Watch This!

"Episode 100" - The House of Horror Podcast

"The Sleepaway Camp Retrospective" - The House of Horror Podcast

"Summer Movie Preview with Josh Fadem" - Battleship Pretension 

Podcasting Superstar

Kurt Halfyard

Matt Gamble

Jason Pyles

David Bax

Jay Cheel

Tom Normandy

Patrick Ripoll

Corey "Goon" Pierce 

Witney Seibold

Ryan Holes

Kevin Rakestraw

William Bibbiani

Dave White 

Andy Howell 

Simon Howell 

Ricky D

Kim Brown 

Jenny Coyle 

Katey Rich 

Best Podcast (voted on by the listeners)

Battleship Pretension


Row Three Cinecast

The House of Horror Podcast

The B Movies Podcast 

Hey, Watch This! 


Linoleum Knife 

The Matineecast 

Directors' Club


Horror Etc 

22 Shots of Moodz and Horror 

Double Feature 

Movie Podcast Weekly

Horror Movie Podcast 

The Film Experience 

Subject: Cinema 

Congrats to all the nominees!!!! :)


06/10/2014 7:29pm

I'd just like to say that I'm honored to merely be nominated. This is awesome. Thank you.
Movie Podcast Weekly

06/10/2014 7:31pm

As is my dark alter ego...
Jay of the Dead

P.S. Congrats to BillChete! Well deserved.

06/10/2014 10:40pm

I am honored, humbled and appreciate the award. Thanks so much!

06/11/2014 4:08am

Thank u so much . Am shocked me .

06/11/2014 9:02am

Congrats to all the nominees and winners. How does one get their podcast submitted for approval. I know of 3-4 horror podcasts that are fantastic and would probably impress some of the judges and listeners alike.

Nisu Shah
07/10/2014 11:15am

how do I vote?


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