The winners have been announced for The 1st Annual Podbody Awards. Congrats to all the winners!

Lifetime Achievement Award:


Best Podcast Hosts (Group)

Winner: Jason, Josh, Andy, Karl - Movie Podcast Weekly

Best Podcasting Duo (tie!)

Winner: William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold - The B Movies Podcast

Winner: Tyler Smith and David Bax - Battleship Pretension 


Best Podcast Guest (3-way tie)

Winner: "Wild Man " Willis Wheeler - Movie Podcast Weekly

Winner: Pat Healy - Battleship Pretension

Winner: Andrew James - Directors Club

Best Podcast Episode (tie!)

Winner: "The Bell Episode" - The B Movies Podcast

Winner: "Nanobot Jesus" - The Row Three Cinecast

Podcasting Superstar (tie!)

Winner: Kevin Rakestraw

Winner: Andy Howell

Best Podcast (voted on by the listeners)

Movie Podcast Weekly

See you next year!


07/25/2014 1:12am

Whoo! Big thanks to JapeMan, the jury, and the voter. Very happy. Quite humbled. Thanks to JapeMan for creating the awards. Very cool.

07/25/2014 9:13am

Wow. Thanks to everyone who voted. I'm truly humbled by this... It means a lot to me. I'm thankful for guests like Willis and my hilarious co-hosts. Andy rocks!
Movie Podcast Weekly

07/25/2014 10:16am

Thank u so much :) I won wow


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