Japefest 2014 Official Lineup

Japefest 2014 is a "film festival" that ran concurrently with most of Tiff 2014. It featured films available on Hulu and Netflix that are mostly obscure, foreign, classic or forgotten. It is a not for profit experiment run over social media.

Among the titles Jape and company plan to watch:

Broken Side of Time (Hulu)

The House of the Sun (Hulu)

Shame (2013 --- not the McQueen one, Hulu)

Getting Go (Netflix)

The Exhibitionists (Hulu)

Stranger by the Lake (Netflix)

So Young (Hulu)

Detonator (Hulu)

Satellite of Love (Hulu)

Transatlantic Coffee (Hulu)

.... Among others. Some titles may change. Participate your own way. Use the hashtag #japefest2014 on twitter! :)


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