Avant-Garde director Sally Potter ("Rage", "Yes", "Orlando") has made her most accessible film with "Ginger & Rosa".... But accessible doesn't always mean good and despite a fantastic lead performance from Elle Fanning as Ginger, the film feels stale, not to mention as aimless as it's characters.

Fanning and Jane Campion's daughter Alice Englert play Ginger and Rosa, respectively.

Ginger and Rosa are two teenage best friends growing up together in the 1960s.

Ginger is obsessed with the Cuban missile crisis and the possible impending "end of the world" but her world is heavy-handedly rocked by a bigger bomb: Rosa has been having an affair with Ginger's dad.

The cast is good and Fanning is as good as ever but as a film "Ginger & Rosa" is heavy-handed as well as both intentionally and unintentionally aimless and altogether rather blah.

I wish it were a better movie.



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