"Michael Cera is acting like a complete and utter little d--khead in this movie"

- My brother, while watching "Crystal Fairy"

There are four-quadrant films and then there's "Crystal Fairy", a movie that is very hard for most people to like and, yes, most people will probably hate Chilean director Sebastian Silva's first collaboration with Michael Cera, the droll and deadpan road trip stoner comedy "Crystal Fairy" (The other film they did together this year is the horror/thriller "Magic Magic" which stars Juno Temple and Emily Browning as well as Cera and is due for release in August). Thankfully I am not most people, as I really quite enjoyed the "so not funny that it's funny" droll sensibilities of this film.

Cera plays an American in Chile (not unlike Eli Roth in "Aftershock", only there are no earthquakes or tsunamis here and only the slightest mention of rape) who meets a hippie named Crystal Fairy (Gaby Hoffman, yes the "Field of Dreams" child star, all grown up) at a party. Cera's character is really mean to Crystal throughout much of the film (he dubs her "Crystal Hairy" because of her abundance of body hair. Thankfully Crystal takes it as a compliment). Yes, Crystal is weird but she is not particularly a bad person, unlike Cera's über a-hole.

The film meanders and meanders and meanders as Cera and Hoffman and The Silva Brothers (playing Spanish-speaking friends of Cera who seem utterly annoyed by him for much of the film) search for a cactus that will supposedly get them high if they drink it.

So, yeah, it meanders. If you don't like meandering road trip movies then don't watch "Crystal Fairy" but I really got a kick out of it, even though it meanders. Did I mention it meanders?


"Michael Cera is, like, totally tripping balls"

- My brother, while watching "Crystal Fairy"


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